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Anorectal manometry is an examination that is performed to measure the reflexes and strength of the muscles needed for the performance of a typical bowel movement. The procedure is usually done on individuals who are dealing with fecal incontinence or constipation. The test analyzes the force of the anal sphincter muscles, the senses in the rectum, and the responses of the colon muscles. If you require an anorectal manometry exam in Louisiana, you can discover a gastrointestinal specialist who can perform this procedure at GastroGroup & Endocenter.

You will be asked to “clean out” your bowels before the examination. This can be accomplished by consuming a laxative drink, and abstaining from food 24 hours before your procedure. You should talk with your specialist about the particular plans you should undergo before your anorectal manometry.

What should I anticipate with my anorectal manometry procedure?

Sedation isn't required during the course of the procedure. However, you will be asked to lie on your side, and a GastroGroup & Endocenter nurse will slowly place a small flexible pipe by way of your anal sphincter and into the rectum. It may be slightly uncomfortable, but shouldn't cause any pain. Measurements will be taken based on the reaction of your internal muscles. After, they will be interpreted by your GI specialist. The procedure should only take around 10 to 20 minutes, and the findings can be discussed afterward. You'll be able to continue your diet and routine as normal following your anorectal manometry exam in Louisiana.

Anorectal manometry is a low-risk test that is unlikely to generate any pain. While problems are unusual, a few of the dangers are puncture (tearing) of the rectum, bleeding, and equipment breakdown during the procedure. If you are sensitive to latex, you should inform your nurse before the exam is carried out.

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If you or a loved one experiences constipation or fecal incontinence, an anorectal manometry in Louisiana can help assess the critical muscles that permit regular bowel movements. This exam can help your GI physician recognize and treat issues that could be stopping standard bowel movements. To discover more concerning this procedure and other diagnostic methods for digestive issues, request an appointment at GastroGroup & Endocenter.

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