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Diverticulosis is an issue where balloon-like sacs of the intestine push through weak spots in the outer portion of the colon. Though these pouches, called diverticula, might present themselves anywhere in the intestines, they are most often found on the left half of the abdomen, referred to as the descending and sigmoid colon. This is normally a mild problem and does not typically cause discomfort. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis are both considered diverticular disease. Diverticulitis is the condition in which the bulging pockets are infected or inflamed. Individuals will have diverticulosis prior to having diverticulitis. If you have diverticulosis, it is important to seek treatment from a gastrointestinal doctor in order to safeguard against diverticulitis. We welcome you to get in touch with GastroGroup & Endocenter today to request an appointment. Our digestive health providers are proud to offer dedicated care for diverticulosis and diverticulitis in Louisiana.

Physicians are still unaware of the specific cause of diverticulosis. The widespread agreement is that the sacs come through the outer colon when too much force is exerted in the colon, whether from muscle spasms or straining to push out the stool. There also appears to be a strong correlation with family medical history, which indicates that genetic inheritance may also contribute. Older age is one of the main determinant for diverticulosis. The issue might impact men and women alike. Starting at the age of 40, the risk of forming diverticulosis rises about every decade. Approximately 50% of people ages 60-80 experience diverticulosis, and the majority of patients older than 80 experience the problem.

In general, you will not show indicators of diverticulosis. If you do experience markers of diverticulosis, these often involve:

  • Stomach discomfort as well as cramps
  • Trouble passing stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas

In the event that you have any distressing signs in your GI system including those above, get in touch with GastroGroup & Endocenter to talk to a gastrointestinal provider in your community.

The primary therapy for diverticulosis is to prevent the pockets from getting diseased or inflamed. Our Louisiana gastroenterologists will provide the best interventions for your condition. A few of the possible options are:

  • High-fiber diet
  • Probiotics
  • Take fiber supplements

Common methods to prevent diverticulosis are:

  • Stop using NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen
  • Lose weight if needed
  • Avoid beef products and foods high in fat
  • Quit using tobacco products and don’t become a tobacco user
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For individuals who have diverticulosis and wish to avoid the serious difficulty of diverticulitis, it is vital to consult with a GI specialist in order to help manage the issue. We can help you seek out a local GI physician through our board-certified group of gastrointestinal providers at GastroGroup & Endocenter. Whenever you have symptoms of a GI issue or need care for diverticulosis in Louisiana, contact us as soon as you can to request a consultation with an expert gastrointestinal doctor.

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