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Barrett’s esophagus is an issue connected with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This problem occurs when the normal tissue in the esophagus shifts to look like intestinal tissue. Though the chance of cancer of the esophagus escalates with individuals who have Barrett’s esophagus, the outlook for developing cancer due to this GI problem is lower than 1%. When you or a family member suffers from GERD, we encourage you to arrange recurring visits with a digestive health specialist so the issue can be monitored for symptoms of Barrett's esophagus. We can help connect you with a local GI doctor at one of our GastroGroup & Endocenter locations in Louisiana.

The main factor contributing to Barrett’s esophagus is years of overlooked acid reflux. Not everyone that has GERD develops Barrett’s esophagus, although if the GERD is left unmanaged, over time it's possible that an individual could experience Barrett’s. Factors include:

  • Having excess belly fat
  • Family history
  • Those who are male
  • Being over age 50
  • Being white
  • Smokers or having been a smoker

Our digestive health specialists offer skilled treatment for Barrett's esophagus in Louisiana. If you think you might be at risk, please contact our team to request an appointment.

Most people don't notice tissue changes that occur with Barrett’s esophagus. A lot of times, individuals who have this ailment don't have symptoms.

In the event that you have had heartburn or other troubles for prolonged durations, the GastroGroup & Endocenter physicians suggest visiting and being tested by your gastroenterologist. An upper GI scope and  biopsy of the cells in your esophagus are the only methods available confirm if you have Barrett’s esophagus. If you do experience symptoms, they could include: 

  • A burning sensation in the chest (less common)
  • Regular heartburn (acid reflux)
  • Problems swallowing liquids or food


Treating Barrett’s esophagus is unique in comparison to other GI ailments. The particular attention you need depends on the extent of abnormal cell formation, referred to as dysplasia, present in your esophageal lining.

The various levels of dysplasia (abnormal cell development) and common treatments include:

  • No dysplasia: Though no abnormal cells are detected, it is still essential to schedule regular testing by your doctor to look for changes in the cells in the esophagus. Your doctor will also typically suggest care similar to those who have acid reflux (such as lifestyle recommendations or prescription medication).
  • Low-grade dysplasia: With a minimal amount of abnormal tissue formation, you may expect to have endoscopic mucosal resection or radiofrequency ablation for removal.
  • Severe dysplasia: If you have a greater amount of precancerous tissue, cryotherapy, light-based therapy, or a surgical procedure might be needed.
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If you experience GERD, then leaving your condition untreated can result in Barrett's esophagus. This severe but treatable complication associated with acid reflux can be discovered and addressed by a skilled gastroenterologist. If you'd like to find a GI doctor who will work with you to address your GI tract affliction, such as Barrett's esophagus, we invite you to get in touch with the team in Louisiana. As a best-in-class network of GI specialists, GastroGroup & Endocenter features skilled authorities on problems like Barrett's esophagus. Contact our Louisiana location to request a consultation to improve your GI wellness.

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